Introducing "Fresh 48"

My husband and I had a birth photographer there with us when we welcomed our daughter into the world. The experience really was eye-opening to me not just as a parent but as a photographer, and the photos completely knocked my socks off. It wasn't because I looked super amazing (let's be honest, I look really tired...), but because those first moments with a new baby are really raw, honest, and oozing with love. I realized I wanted to be able to offer my clients a session that captures those same beautiful moments, and I am happy to announce I am now offering "Fresh 48" sessions! A Fresh 48 takes place within the first 48 hours of baby's life, and are filled with so much happiness and love and new baby goodness.

My cousin Shawn and his wife Jamie recently welcomed their second daughter to the world. I think my favorite part of their Fresh 48 was being able to see their oldest daughter meet her new best friend. She was checking out every detail of her little sister and kisses were flowing. And all of these pictures were taken before little Ayla was even six hours old! 

If you are expecting and want to book a Fresh 48, click the "Contact" tab on the home page and let's get a session on the books!


Emily KnoelkeComment